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Give it up for Love


A Song of Love part II


Black Tulip‘s first release “Jam On It” was a well acclaimed club track reviewed in many international magazines and it reached a place in several dance charts, including the Billboard Dance charts.

Their second release “A Song Of Love (In Times Of  War)” is a 120 bpm Garage strider pulsating a positive love and peace message with abrasive Hammond organ in compulsive replies to Wendell’s vocals it sings of love in times of war, a dream that we should all work together to make come true.

In the UK, broadcast of this song has been banned from national airplay (1991, Gulf War) and was played extensively in the underground scene. “A Song Of Love (In Times Of  War)” may be have been doomed from Radio One and mainstream acceptance but it was certainly well alive and kicking in the clubs, sound systems and in the UK rave scene.
Wendell Morrison was born in New Jersey, USA. On his career he sang on records made by Inner Life, Jocelyn Brown, Loleatta Holloway, Arthur Baker, Culture Club, Bruce Springsteen, Coati Mundi and many other renowned artists.
Marian Rolle was born, raised and educated in Miami, USA. She studied singing, dance and drama. In the past Marian worked on numerous recordings with artists such as Jocelyn Brown and Divine.

Black Tulip are dedicated lovers of the legendary “Paradise Garage” sound. Profound songs with deep bass heavy grooves, soul embracing vocals and powerful emotional Hammond organ and Strings arrangements are the Black Tulip trademarks.


Genre US Garage, Deep House, Soulful House

Members At present Joseph Salvador. In the early 90’s Wendell Morrison and Marian Rolle on vocals, Rik Zwaan on the Hammond organ, Groovemaster Johnson on the vinyl decks, Joseph Salvador on Atari MIDI systems and Bob Pieck on Akai samplers and “off the wall” delays. Later Joseph Salvador with guest artists Paul Scott (B.O.P.) and Kym Still (Romanthony).

Hometown Amsterdam

Record label TINK! Records + TINK! Music + Tomorrow Is Now Kid!

Influences US Garage, Paradise Garage, NYC, New Jersey sound, Chicago House, Deep House, Soulful House, Jackin’ House.

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands + Lisbon, Portugal

Black Tulip discography


Featuring Wendell Morrison on vocals:

Better Days (TINKREC003) 2015 Digital EP / Vinyl EP on TINK! Records / TINK! Music

Featuring Kym Still on vocals:

Give It Up For Love (TINKTWICE009) 2012 Digital EP on Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!

Featuring Wendell Morrison on vocals:

Jam on it (TINK001) Maxi single 12" / CD Maxi single EMI Records / TINK! Records)
(TINKWICE008) 2012 Digital EP on Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!
Jam on it - The New Jersey Remixes Remixes by Paul "Off the Wall" Scott (BOP, Big Beat records and Intense) & Tyrone "Intense" Payton (ACE BEAT records and Intense).
(TINK002) Maxi single 12" + CD Maxi single EMI Records / TINK! Records
A Song Of Love
(in times of war)
(TINK006) Maxi single 12" on TINK! Records
(TINKWICE001 and TINKWICE002) 2012 Digital EP on Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!
Be Better Do Better (TINK! Dance Cuts Vol. 1) CD compilation EMI Records / TINK! Records

Featuring Marian Rolle on vocals:

Love Supreme (I want your) (TINK! Dance Cuts Vol. 1) CD compilation EMI Records / TINK! Records

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Management: Joseph Salvador


Black Tulip:

1997 | Amsterdam, Holland

Kym Still

Vocals | Singer

Paul Scott

DJ | Producer

Wendell Morrison

Vocals | Singer